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Andrea Campos, Broker Associate

“Century 21 Culture is hands down the best office to be working for in the industry! The office atmosphere and style is something you just can’t find anywhere else. You always feel welcomed, supported and like family when you are around the other agents and our office team. Greg and Van are two of the most successful and humble people I’ve ever met and they genuinely care about your personal successful and are always there if you need anything. The office itself is state of the art and very modern and a great space to work in. The energy is always great and you can’t help but feel the zest of positively, professionalism and success! If you are looking for a new office, this is the place for you!”

Brenda Geraci, Realtor

“I’m writing this letter as a personal testimonial for Greg Rodriquez owner/Broker of Century 21 Culture. I have had a professional relationship with Greg for approximately three years. Greg is an innovator in our industry and has elevated Century 21 Culture to be an exemplary organization. As a broker he is a consummate professional and offers many solutions to diverse and complex situations. Greg provides a collaborative working environment within our office, which is conducive to everyone, from new agents to the most experienced professionals. Our office combines the latest Technology with Teamwork, Knowledge and experience with a focus on training and education. Our goal is about creating, building and maintaining professional relationships in our industry with a mission of superior quality, Integrity and service. Greg provides growth opportunities through training or one on one coaching methods. The support and Values are amazing. I trust that the information provided will be of assistance and will be happy to provide further information, if required.”

Christina Rubio, Realtor

“I have been licensed for a little over a year and couldn’t be happier with my office. As a new agent, it was very important for me to join an office that offers daily trainings, sales role-plays, and round the clock support through my transactions and Century 21 Culture offers this and more. Real estate is my full-time, and only job, and I have been able to support myself financially thanks to the support of my office and committed broker. I am often approached by other office recruiters, but I know that I won’t find what Culture offers anywhere else. I am very proud to be a part of such an amazing office and I know I will be here for the rest of my real estate career.”

Ileana Benedict, Broker Associate

“Hi my name is Ileana Benedict, and I have been with the Century 21 system over 18 years and with the same company since I became licensed. I can honestly say that Greg our Broker/ Owner has done some amazing things with our office. I think it is the most state of the art Century 21 office in the city of Covina. The commitment he shows to each and everyone one of us is apparent with any training, face to face meeting we have with him. I feel proud to be part of such an amazing team of professionals.”

Ivette Mercado, Realtor

“My name is Ivette Mercado, Im a new agent to this field I started last year September 2015. When I met with Greg Rodriguez for the first time, walking into the office I felt comfortable but like any new job I felt nervous asking myself if I was going to do good in this field or is my broker going to be there for me. Since day one Greg has been there 100%, any question I have had no matter what time or day it has been he’s been there for me, especially when I had a million of them through my transaction he never turned his back on me. The office is very welcoming and friendly and it really feels like were all a family here. I really couldn’t have asked for a better Broker, motivator, inspiring person like Greg.”

James Alvarez, Realtor

“Since I started working with Century 21 Culture I immediately seen what sets him apart from any other office I worked with. He truly gives each and every one of his agents the time they need, he creates a specific game plan for you to succeed. That alone is more valuable to me than what any other office has to offer. His team is always on top of any new tools or training that’ll help grow your business. The office culture is based on a family oriented environment, you’ll feel right at home with Greg Rodriguez and Century 21 Culture.”

Tracy Lynne Salindong, Realtor

“I absolutely love working for Century 21 Culture. Greg Rodriguez as a broker provides all the necessary tools to make me successful, and I am very fortunate to be working with him and to be with this office. I completely appreciate all the support and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I am determined to successfully grow my real estate career and at this office I definitely see myself doing so. This office is not just a workplace but I definitely consider it to be my second family and I’m very proud to say I’m part of the Culture family!”

Irma Arias, Realtor

“I have found Century 21 Culture to be helpful, professional and enthusiastic. I would like to point out that Greg Rodriguez has great communication skills and he has helped me through my time working for the company. I feel as if we are one big family. Naturally, I am delighted to be part of the Century 21 family and I am looking forward to the future.
Being part of this Century 21 team has giving me a lot of experience. I am very grateful for the wisdom and knowledge that Greg Rodriguez and his wife have provided to me.”

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